Visual Inspection

We provide the upmost quality visual underwater inspections with camera definition from HD to 4K. 
Survey data is digitally recorded and processed to achieve exceptional images and videos providing detailed infromation for all underwater projects.


  • Cable and pipeline operations (VGI)
  • Offshore rigs & platforms
  • Underwater facilities inspection (aquaculture farms, ports and harbors, bridges)
  • Shipwreck inspection
  • Salvage operations
  • Dredging operations
  • Freshwater dams
  • Water intake systems and outfalls
  • Marine archaeology
  • Commercial diving
  • Mooring and buoys
  • Seabed inspections


Underwater Positioning with USBL

Precise positioning for subsurface works using USBL.

Indicative works include:

  • Cable and Pipeline Installations
  • Mooring and buoys
  • Anchoring
  • Wrecks
  • Underwater constructions
  • Lost objects