Planet Blue – ROV Services, SPE, is an enterprise specializing in underwater projects. Our company offers an extensive array of services in marine and fresh aquatic environments at a 24/7, short-notice readiness and our customers certify our excellent quality of deliverables.

Our customers are in the sectors of Energy, Shipping, Construction, Marine Research and other related industries.

We provide:

  • Observation – Inspections
  • Surveys
  • Salvage support
  • IRM (Inspection, Repair & Maintenance)
  • Subsea Installation Support
  • Marine research




Our team is comprised of dependable, highly qualified and certified personnel for the ROV, hydrographic & environmental fields, as well as for our CRM and office support.




ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System from Bureau Veritas Inspection Report by Bureau Veritas,

Αttesting the ROV and satisfying all technical and operational parameters.

Full report (6 pages) with technical details available upon request.




  • Honoured by the General Chief of Hellenic Navy, Vice Admiral L. Paliogiorgos for the research of the missing people at the wreck of the torpedo boat ‘KOSTAKOS’.
  • Honoured by the General Chief of Hellenic Navy, Vice Admiral L. Paliogiorgos for the salvage of sunken helicopter near the IMIA islets.
  • Honoured by the Greek Minister of Defence G. Arsenis and the General Chief of the Hellenic Army Lieutenant-General Kapravelos for the recovery of two missing soldiers from the underwater cave system of “Vouliagmeni”.
  • Honorary award of the escutcheon of H.M.S/M PERSEUS by the Submarine Old Comrade association for the location of the wreck of the British Submarine.
  • Honoured by the Air Accident Investigation and Aviation Safety Board in recognition of his contribution at the salvage of sunken aircrafts and helicopters from Greek Waters.
  • Honorary award by the International Academy of Letters and Arts for the contribution to the Hellenic Country.