Naval History Research

Naval History has been an important part of the company’s activities since its establishment, and over the years we have been involved in various projects financed by public organizations and educational Institutes. The safeguarding of underwater cultural heritage, but also the development of the field of Marine Archaeology is our passion. We have established a permanent cooperation with the Hellenic Navy and the Dept. of Naval History.

Our company has an explicit interest in Marine Archaeology and WWII history. We have a strong commitment in research of the underwater cultural heritage and we co-operate with educational foundations, archaeological researchers, Universities and the public. We have been monitoring & gathering documents about shipwrecks in the Aegean Sea over the last 30 years. We have been involved in various TV productions, published books and we possess an extensive library of historical articles, mapped locations of wrecks, underwater photos and videos from the Maritime and Naval History. More specifically our archives contain more than 7,000 books, primary shipwreck archives, shipwreck databases, new and ancient naval maps, underwater videos and historical photos.