Operations follow IMCA standards.

ROV Services offers an extensive array of services in marine and fresh aquatic environments at a 24/7, short-notice readiness.

Client-oriented with attention to detail, our team supports all customers by delivering faultless results, combining safety with immaculate planning and execution of operations.

Certified, reliable, field-proven equipment with maximum operational depth up to -1,000 meters.

Our inspection Class I ROVs can be modified to accomplish different tasks, such as picking up objects, work with cables/wires/ropes and cathodic protection probes.

Auxiliary gear consists of manipulators, USBL (underwater positioning system), Side Scan Sonar, HD & 4K camera and video.

The ROVs and the supporting equipment are in mobile Control & Operation units (20 ft. containers).

Readiness & response @ 30’ @ 24/7/365.